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Exterior House Painting South Florida

When paint begins to dull or peel, you know something needs to be done. Maybe you are simply tired of the color scheme and wish to make a change. That's when you contact Millennium Painting & Pressure Cleaning for exterior house painting South Florida.

Exterior painting South Florida requires more than slapping on a coat or two of paint. Professionals painters in the "Sunshine State" understand how to start with pressure cleaning South Florida. After years of dirt and grime build up on the house, pressure cleaning South Florida is vital to a satisfactory paint job.

Millennium Painting & Pressure Cleaning are experts in exterior house painting South Florida. We understand the different types of paint and how each reacts to the various surfaces of a house. We guide the homeowner in choosing the right type of paint that will last for years and in choosing a color that looks good not only on a card, but also on the house itself.

We pride ourselves on providing customer satisfaction. This includes covering:

    • Plants


    • Shrubs


  • Other landscaping around the work area, so you don't end up with paint speckled plants, sidewalk and lawn.

Moreover, our painters South Florida are equally careful with the painting of the trim and doors.

After a pressure clean, bleach is applied to rid the exterior of dirt, mildew, salt and any other deposits on the house. Our painters also:

    • Use wire brushes and scrapers to remove peeling paint and rust


    • Fill in any cracks


    • Caulk where needed


  • Sanding is another step before a 100% Acrylic primer is applied

We make sure that when we do exterior painting in South Florida that the exterior is ready for the paint. All the preliminary steps help the paint go one better, look better when done and last for a longer period of time.

We are the experienced experts in house painting and pressure cleaning. Request a quote online today to receive a free discount on your next house painting or pressure cleaning.

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