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Exterior Painting Boca Raton

There’s more to painting the outside of a house than slapping on a couple of coats and hoping that they last for a bit. Much preparation needs to be done to make sure the exterior painting Boca Raton not only adds to the house’s beauty, but can last for years, through all kinds of weather, including the summer heat of Boca Raton!

We at Millennium Painting are experts at providing the very best painters in Boca Raton. After all, our painters have years of experience, servicing the area, and are utterly professional and courteous. Our painters are also licensed and bonded, know the local building codes and can obtain whatever permits are needed for an exterior painting Boca Raton job.

After a written contract has been drawn up and signed by Millennium and our customer, and after the house has been evaluated, the painter will apply pressure cleaning Boca Raton on the walls, the doors and the trim. After the pressure cleaning, our Boca Raton painters will then:

    • Cover all landscaping and hardscaping near the house with tarp to protect it.


    • Bleach areas where there's a problem with mildew and mold, and since the home will probably be near the beach, salt.


    • Remove any paint and rust that wasn’t removed by the pressure cleaning with hand scrapers or wire brushes.


  • Then, using the color of our customer’s choice, complete the paint job.

The customer need not worry about any clean-up afterwards, as we will take care of that. Save the exquisite and gleaming exterior painting Boca Raton, the customer will never know we were there! Any customer in the Boca Raton area who wants the exterior of her house painted shouldn’t hesitate to contact Millennium Painting. Visit our Request a Quote page by clicking the button below. Fill out the form to receive a big discount on your next paint or pressure cleaning!

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