Exterior House Painting

Having an exterior house painting service work on your home isn’t an everyday occurrence. At Millennium Painting & pressure cleaning Florida, we understand that paint your home can be a big event in your life, our professional painters will gladly answer any questions or assist you with any concerns you may have during the entire paint process. We will work together with you to choose the perfect color primer and paint.  Our professionals will take care of your needs and deliver results you can be proud of.

Paint Quality

A professional paint job requires painters that have a wealth of experience and expertise in our field, working only with the finest materials the industry has to offer. Millennium Painting uses 100% acrylic paints for all coatings and specialty finishes. In addition, the paints we use are manufactured within Florida, formulated to resist the elements native to the “Sunshine State.”

Professional exterior house painting

Before we being to paint the exterior of a house, we pressure clean the walls and doors to remove all forms of dirt and algae. Moreover, we scrape every inch of woodwork, in addition to caulking all joints and seams. Also, in order to deliver the quality of professional exterior house painting you expect, we apply an elastomeric coating, only the most durable of its kind, to bricks to aid in masking signs of aging or cracks that may have accrued over the years. Millennium painting & pressure cleaning painter spray the acrylic, backroll and brush by hand whenever we paint on stucco, which ensures that the paint is evenly applied to every inch of your home. You can expect this same level of thoroughness when hiring Millennium Painting & Pressure Cleaning  team for exterior house painting in Florida.

Paint and Pressure Cleaning Procedures:


viñetaPressure cleaning is performed on all exterior walls, trim and doors. Bleach is then applied where necessary to get rid of existing mildew, dirt, algae and salt deposits.

viñetaFailing paint and rust removed with hand scrapers (flat surfaces) and wire brushes (cedar or rusting areas).

viñeta100% Acrylic primer is applied. This primer can be tinted your color of preference.


viñetaElastomeric patch fills all structure cracks.


viñetaAll woodwork scraped, sanded & primed where needed.


viñetaAny windows, doors, seems and joints that allow exterior moisture entry are caulked.


viñetaAll painting on wood trim is applied by hand and worked into the wood grain.


viñetaApply Sherwin Williams Flat Latex paint to stucco (100% acrylic), which is backrolled and brushed.


viñetaApply Sherwin Williams Satin Latex paint to all doors, trim and bands (100% acrylic).


viñetaFrench Doors Extra.


viñetaColor of your choice.


viñetaExtensive tarping of all landscaping and surfaces to be worked over while exterior painting.