Epoxy Flooring

Explore the art of seamless flooring with our detailed epoxy flooring process. As a leading painting company in south Florida, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services and unmatched quality. Discover how we can transform spaces with our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Epoxy types:
Mica epoxy, Solid epoxy, Epoxy flake

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Step 1: Floor Grinding

Preparing a floor for epoxy involves grinding with diamond-tipped blades to remove the top layer of concrete, creating a clean, smooth, and level surface free of contaminants and imperfections that could negatively impact epoxy adhesion.

Step 2: Repair cracks and chips

To fix cracks and chips, we clean the area, fill it with a concrete patching compound, smooth, and level. This step is crucial before applying epoxy for a strong, durable finish on a flawless surface.

Step 3: Apply pigmented adhesive base coat and decorative coat

Pigmented epoxy coating adds color to the epoxy mixture, allowing for various finishes like solid colors or color flakes. It enhances appearance, provides UV resistance, and improves durability on the applied surface.

Step 4: Apply clear coat

Clear coat epoxy is a transparent layer applied to surfaces for protection and enhanced appearance. It’s commonly used in various settings, including industrial, commercial, and residential, to add aesthetic appeal and provide extra protection against wear and tear.

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