Roof Painting


Painting your roof offers multiple benefits aside from it looking better. The product that we use called Kool Seal can be tinted to any color and is known to reduce the energy consumption of a house. White paint is known to reflect the sun’s rays which lowers heat absorption, kool seal will provide this benefit no matter the color.

you can preserve your roof and increase the longevity of its materials by getting it pressure cleaned. When mold and mildew are left unchecked for long periods of time, they can wreak havoc on roofing materials and diminish their lifespan. By having them cleaned by a professional, you can reduce the potential for rotting and increase the strength of your roof.

In addition, a thorough pressure cleaning will often reduce your energy bills. Since mold growth tends to lead to a darkening of your roof, it naturally attracts heat from the sun. This can be especially problematic in south Florida where there is an abundance of sunshine and heat. By having your roof effectively cleaned by a professional, you can remove those dark areas and maximize energy efficiency.

Roof Paint and Pressure Cleaning Procedures:


viñetaRoof Pressure Cleaning


viñetaMildew Retardant Rinse


viñetaApply Sealer


viñetaApply 100% Acrylic Roof Paint