Exterior House Painting Process

Exterior House Painting Process in South Florida

Make sure the company you are considering hiring has:

  • License and liability insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Referrals
  • Employees not sub-contractors
  • Warranty
  • Proof of material purchase
exterior painting millenium florida

Our process for exterior house painting has been refined for close to 20 years now.

We started Millennium Painting and Pressure cleaning originally in Broward county and expanded to Palm Beach and Dade county as demand grew. As a family owned and operated company, we like to make sure that we are providing the highest possible quality service and materials at a fair price. Being in business for close to 20 years now we have a good grasp on what makes for the best exterior house painting process to achieve the greatest results.

Our exterior house painting process in steps:

  • Pressure clean all walls, trim, gutters and doors. We use a detergent solution on the areas that have excess mildew, algae, dirt and salt deposits.
  • Remove failing paint and rust with hand scrapers on flat surfaces and wire brushes on rusting areas.
  • Apply one coat of sealer/primer.
  • Fill all structure cracks with elastomeric patch.
  • Joints and seams allowing exterior moisture entry will be caulked anywhere that wood meets wood.
  • Windows and doors will be caulked with a top grade siliconized latex caulk where needed.
  • All painting on wood trim will be applied by hand.
  • Apply acrylic flat or satin latex paint to stucco (100% acrylic) (one coat)
  • Apply satin latex paint to all trim, gutters, doors and bands (100% acrylic) (one coat)
  • Colors of your choice (up to 2 colors included)
  • Tape and paper will be used to protect any areas where tarps are impractical.

Additional important tips:

Make sure the company you choose uses high quality paint. we like to offer our clients 3 different quality grade paints from Sherwin Williams. We offer A-100, Superpaint and Resilience, they’re listed in order from average to best. Superpaint has been our favorite to use and it’s what we recommend to most of our clients.

Prepping is very important, make sure the painters are clean, tidy and that their taping job is near perfection. This will ensure that the rest of the painting process flows fluently.

Don’t choose the cheapest company, choose the best company for the job.