Why you Need an Exterior House Painting Estimate in South Florida:

grey blue house with white trim
Exterior house painting in miami

Why do I need an estimate to paint my house in Broward, Dade or Palm Beach County?

If you’ve lived in South Florida for more than 2 days then you know about how tumultuous our weather can be. We go from a 95 degree extremely sunny day to a small monsoon 5 minutes later and then sunny again 5 minutes after that. The humidity is instantly palpable when you walk outside and your glasses will fog up in a second.

What’s so bad about South Florida weather and its impact on Exterior House painting jobs?

  • The intense sun causes your color to fade faster than it would in colder and less humid conditions.
  • Humidity also causes discoloration and in severe cases can cause white spots.
  • The constant switch from extremely hot to sudden rain reduces the lifetime of your exterior paint job and can cause the paint to eventually crack or get a white chalk layer to build on top of the paint.
  • Painting in high humidity makes it more difficult for the paint to adhere and dry properly.
Exterior house painting in Parkland, Florida
Exterior house painting in Parkland, Florida

Having an estimate in hand from a company you trust makes the process a lot easier even if you are not ready to paint right away, our estimates are good for a year from the day we provide you with one. Meaning we uphold the price we give you for an entire year.

If you are not ready to paint it is always a good idea to maintain the paint on your walls by pressure cleaning them once a year using low pressure to prevent lifting up the paint but also prevent any mold or dirt from sticking to the paint.

We always provide our clients with three different house painting prices and let them choose the paint that best fits their budget and goals.

Getting a house painting estimate from us does not mean you are obligated to do the job with us. So its best to have one in hand before your annoying association sends you that letter that you have to re-paint your home.

Exterior house painting in Sunrise, Florida
Exterior house paint job in Sunrise, Florida